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Novak Club Sensored Brushless ESC


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**Limited Quantity Available**

The Novak Club Sensored Brushless ESC features a quality-built speed control for 1S and 2S LiPo applications, and is compatible with all popular sensored 540-size and 380-size sensored brushless motors.

The Novak Club ESC features Novak’s One-Touch and Go!™. Simply complete the One-Touch programming and the Club ESC is ready to run! No adjusting, tuning, or customizing. Novak has taken input from our team drivers, racing customers, and our test team to select one of the most universal, throttle profiles to date. This means you have nothing to worry about or tune on your ESC. Novak has done all the hard work for you, and has customized the ESC for optimal non-timing spec or “blinky” class racing. That’s right, an ESC that is race-ready AND easy to use! The Novak Club Brushless System is also factory wired with heavy-duty, gold-plated, battery and motor plugs for easy and quick installation.

Sensor-based motors and ESCs offer unmatched throttle response, and have no hesitation off the line. Novak released the first sensored brushless system designed specifically for R/C cars in 2003, and the Novak Club Brushless System is based on this industry-revolutionizing technology. Customers currently running a sensorless or brush motor set-up will be absolutely shocked by the amount of control and response of power found in Novak’s pure sensor system.

The Novak Club ESC and brushless motor have been designed to withstand the rigors of club racing or backyard bashing, and are manufactured with high-quality, rugged components. To improve the system reliability and performance, Novak engineers have included advanced protection features found in higher-priced systems.

Thermal Protection – The ESC keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will back down its power to prevent the ESC from overheating.

On-Board Temperature Diagnostics – With a quick tap of the One-Touch™ button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information.

Low-Voltage Protection – The ESC monitors the LiPo battery pack voltage and will cut off the power when the voltage falls below the critical safety voltage.

Motor Lock-Up Protection – If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage.

Heavy-Duty BEC – Ready to handle upgraded servos.

NovaBrakes™ – Novak’s exclusive braking system for responsive and extremely powerful brakes.

Fan/Accessory Output – Easily plug in running lights or a cooling fan.

Join the Novak Club racer experience today, and enjoy the simplicity, performance and affordability for club racing has always been about.


The Novak Club Sensored Brushless ESC is ROAR Sportsman Class Approved!

Ideal for all 1/10th scale applications including 2WD Short Course, Off-Road Buggy, On-Road, and Sportsman Class Racing (Designed to meet ROAR Sportsman Class guidelines). Also ideal for 1/16th and 1/18th scale micro applications, and is compatible with Novak’s Three-80 Series Sensored Brushless Motors (#3451-3452)
One-Touch and Go!™ -Includes a universal driving profile optimized for spec-class racing for quick and easy club racing. No complicated programming or computer interfaces to deal with.
Consistent power for all drivers for a level playing field with no built-in ESC or motor timing/adjustability
Compact and lightweight ESC design—fits in all popular vehicles
ESC factory-wired with battery and motor plugs for “Plug-and-Play”
Novak’s One-Touch Set-Up™ for quick, easy transmitter set-up—still the easiest!
Built-In Voltage Cut-Off Circuitry prevents damage to 2S LiPo batteries
NovaBrakes™ provide smooth, responsive, and consistent braking for all driving conditions
Water-resistant ESC case with silicone gasket seal to help keep out the elements
Heavy-duty 2A BEC for high-torque, single servo applications. Don’t let the specs fool you—all ESC’s BECs are not created equal. The Novak Club’s 2-Amp BEC will go toe-to-toe with many other higher rated units.
Built-in diagnostics provides ESC temperature monitoring at any time with the quick tap on the One-Touch™ button
Thermal Overload Protection circuitry protects ESC from overheating
User-replaceable input harness, switch harness, power capacitor, and power wires
Built-In 6V output for optional accessory fan or other detail items such as running lights



Fwd/Brk/Rev F / B (no reverse)
Input Cells  1*-2S LiPo only
Size (in/mm)  1.15” x 0.95” (29.0 x 24.3 mm)
Height 0.66” (16.8 mm)
Weight (oz/g) (w/o wires) 0.69 oz. (19.5 g)
On-Resistance (ohms) 0.0011 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp.
Motor Limit All popular 2-pole and 4-pole sensored brushless motors
BEC (volts / amps) 6.0 volts DC / 2.0 amps
Wire Size (GA)  14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
Battery/Motor Plugs  Tamiya-style battery & gold-plated Bullet motor plugs factory-installed
Motor Compatibility 540-size: 17.5 -turn or higher sensored brushless motor
380-size: All Novak Three-80 sensored brushless motors
Status LEDs Multi-colored
*1S Booster Module is recommended

Replacement / Optional Parts
icon checkmark #5304 or #5309 Plug-In Input Signal Harness (Mini-JST) (replacement/optional)
icon checkmark #5332 Brushless Motor Connector Wire Set -- 14GA (replacement)
icon checkmark #5351-#5353 Brushless Shielded Sensor Harnesses (optional)
icon checkmark #5600 Switch Harness (replacement)
icon checkmark #5626 Glitch Buster Capacitor (replacement)
icon checkmark #5649 or #5653 Black Cooling Fans 25x25x10mm—2mm Mini Plug (optional)
icon checkmark #5682 Power Cap Harness: 1000µF (replacement)
icon checkmark #5731 3.5mm Low-Loss Power Connector - 5 pairs (optional)
icon checkmark #5831-#5833 Lead-Free Silver Solder (optional)
icon checkmark #5850/#5851 Heat Shrink Tubing (optional)
Instruction Manual