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2013 Casey Rettke Wins Short Course at Iron Maximus

casey rettkeCasey Rettke Wields Mighty Wins in Short Course at Iron Maximus

Maximus RC Raceway
York, ME
April 14-15, 2013

Congratulations go out to Casey Rettke, who made a few trips to the podium at the annual Iron Maximus event, which took place April 14-15, at Maximus RC Raceway in York, Maine. The 90x50 track had a medium to medium-high bite, with a tight layout. And, with 221 total entries, Casey proved to be a formidable competitor in 17.5 SCT and Mod SCT.

In 17.5 SCT, Casey TQ’d and won!


In Mod SCT, Casey qualified 2nd and finished 3rd!

Casey noted that the “power was great and easy to tune for both classes from start to finish. Pulse braking was the biggest difference maker for this technical layout. I was able to dial it in just right for a locked back end in high speed and rotation on brake for the tightest sections of the track.” Well done, Casey!

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